I'm Jens Rusitschka, digital products and design are my passion.

Since 20 years I am working in the digital industry. I started as a designer and animatorbecame a freelance developer and start up founder. The last 7 years I was working as a user experience designer and product owner. I was working in small companies with big ambitious that wanted to push the next industrial revolution or change how everybody consumes as well as for international corporates like SAP Hybris or CHIP, Germanys biggest digital lifestyle web publisher.




2017 - UX and Product Consultant

UX-Designer and PO, talentry, coliquio, motius, sonnen


Start Up Mentor (UX and Product), W1 Forward InsurTech Accelerator

Mentor UI Design,  Careerfoundry

Design Workshop, Snapview


2009 - User Experience Designer  and Product Owner

SAP hybrisCHIP (Burda Forward), Utopia



2006 - Acting Partner

fabidoo developed innovative ways for internet 3D printing.


Early Experiences

Frontend Developer, Screen Designer, 3D Artist and Web Designer